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Attendance process and expectations




·         In order to take full advantage of all the learning opportunities offered at Forest View, students must attend regularly. 

·         Full attendance is expected by the Education Legislation.

·         Those students who do not attend regularly inevitably fall behind their peers in their learning and achievement.

·         The School expects students to have attendance rates of 90% or better.

·       Students are marked Present when involved in scheduled classes, or on School organised and supervised trips, or when missing classes for in-school activities.

·        Doctor, dentist or other medical appointments are classed as Present, as it is not always possible to schedule these for before or after school.


·         Students must be at school by 8.40 a.m. every day and attend all timetabled classes on time.

·         Those undertaking Secondary Tertiary courses are expected to be at the course at the scheduled time.

What if my child is absent?

·         Accurate records are required in order to meet Education Act requirements and for the safety and well-being of young people

·         The School must be able to identify those students who should be present in the school, in the event of an emergency evacuation or a lock-down.

·         A student must be marked absent or present, period by period.

Please call the School 8865219 or email if your child is going to be away for some, or all, of a day.

If we don’t hear from you, we will

  1.  Phone you
  2. Text or email you
  3. Refer the absence to the Attendance Service (especially if we have not been able to make contact and it is more than 1 day’s absence)
  4. Ask the School Counsellor to visit and establish if support is required.

We require a reason for the absence as The Ministry of Education insists that Schools use a variety of codes to record student attendance and absence.

·         There are very few absences that the Ministry classes as “Justified”

·         Absence is justified if the student is unwell.

Extended absences for illness require a Medical Certificate or hospital discharge notice or similar, in order for the absence to be recorded as M – medical.

If a student has a serious or chronic illness, requiring regular or extended absence, the student can be enrolled with the Northern Health School and work with the Health School teachers at home.

·         Absence is justified if a family crisis or special occasion requires a student to be away. This includes events such as bereavement, or serious illness of a close relative, or an unveiling, or  a family wedding out of town.

·         Absence is justified if the student is involved in any way in Court Proceedings – family court or Criminal court

·         Trips overseas, birthdays, birthday parties, shopping expeditions, catching up with visiting family, visiting new family members … are not justified.

Poor Attendance:            Missing School = Missing Out!

If a student is absent from school for an extended period of time, without justified cause, the School will remove the student from the roll and advise the Ministry of Education.

In the event of a student’s attendance dropping below the expected rate of 90%, the School follows a process of which includes

Attendance Process