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Graeme Dingle Foundation Waikato Excellence Awards

There was a fabulous turnout from Forest View High at the recent Graeme Dingle Foundation Waikato Excellence Awards.  The Waikato Excellence Awards were held on Thursday 21st September at the University of Waikato Gallagher Performing Arts Centre. We were all humbled and honoured to hear about the 14 winners from our Kiwi Can, Stars and Career Navigator programmes - how they help and support their schools, their communities, their whanau and their peers. The winners inspire those around them to be the best they can be - so all our youth are connected and contributing members of our community.  Congratulations to Cory Gurr and Monique Limmer.

Cory, Monique & Marnie

Monique & Sponsor


Calendar App

We are pleased to be able to provide to you the Parent Teacher Calendar App. - we believe this will be a most valuable tool for communication between your school and parents.

To download the App, just search your Play Store or App Store for the Parent Teacher Calendar App or  This is a free download.  Ensure that if asked, you accept Notifications, as this enables the ‘Push’ Notifications feature.  Once downloaded, select your Region (Waikato), then your school.  Next, tap on the calendar tab and wait a few seconds for your school information to load.  (This is also how you ‘refresh’ the calendar)

For your convenience, PTC App. pulls your own dates from your personal calendar and combines these with school dates so you can view them all at once.  Please don’t be alarmed if you notice your personal calendar entries displayed alongside School events.  School entries display as red dots on the calendar, and these are publicly visible. Your personal calendar entries will display as blue dots, and are only visible by yourself, on your own device.

Calendar App

Do you want to get better at reading and writing, or does someone you know have so much trouble they can’t read this?

The Adult Literacy Trust has free one-to-one coaches who can help you for half an hour a day by phone or video conference. The Trust also have some easy and fun online practice software you can use from a library computer or from home. 

·         We are free

·         We have one on one coaching

·         We coach in the comfort of your own home.

·         By phone if you don’t have a computer

·         Experienced coaches


Contact Wendy

            Tuesday – Friday 9.00am to 2.00pm

            Phone   0800 891 339

Or contact the school for further information,