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Future Pathways

Step Up and Gateway

At FVHS we actively seek to engage our senior students with possible future pathways, Step Up and Gateway provide an excellent means of achieving this.

Gateway has been successfully running in the South Waikato for several year and offers the three schools within our cluster the opportunity for their students to explore potential workplaces by completing a work placement. As part of the preparation for this students prepare a CV and attend an interview - all positive experiences. Also the Gateway programme offers various courses for example First Aid which is not only a valuable life skill, but a contributor to NCEA credits too. The whole Gateway experience gives students a snapshot of work readiness which has proven to be invaluable for those who have been involved.

Step Up is a relatively new innovation which offers students from years 11, 12 and 13 to explore Vocational Pathways which are of interest to them. This involves studying with Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology one/two days each week as well as keeping up with school work. Step Up provides Secondary school children with the exciting opportunity to experience tertiary style education and facilities and can provide a valuable stepping stone for when our student leave school in the future.