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Bullying is able to catch each and every one of us at times in our lives. Bullying can be felt physically, emotionally, verbally, and indirectly. It is present in every aspect of our lives, in our homes, in schools, in the communities we are part of, clubs, workplaces, the courts, and in our sporting arenas – it is everywhere.

Sadly people talk about bullying like it is a school based problem only and this is just no correct. The affect of bullying is measured by the receiver. If I yell at some one to be heard (thinking it is Ok to yell to get his / her attention) this could be Ok or the receiver could feel bullied. That would then mean from the receivers perspective I am in fact engaged in bullying.

The affects of bullying are damaging. It has people thinking:

• I don’t fit in

• No one sticks up for me

• I am a victim

• He/She is allowed to treat me like this

• There is nothing I can do

• If I say something it will get worse


Bullying thrives on the belief that it will get worse if someone tells – this belief enables bullying to become worse!!!      

There is enormous power in the people who watch bullying at work. If we could empower people to stand alongside some one experiencing bulling, - then changes can happen. We must change how we think, how we act and how we communicate and then bullying would be conquered.

We could think 
• I can tell some one and that will help

• I don’t have to put up with this bullying

• I am strong I can take positive action

• Bullying can be stopped

We could act differently 
• Look at the person engaged in bullying and stand tall

• Get my friends to stand with me

• Get support people to stand with me

We could communicate differently
• Tell the person engaged in bullying how you feel 

• Ask that person if they enjoy making you feel miserable

• Ask questions that encourage a person involved in bullying to think about the affects and messages their actions say about them as a person

Bullying is the name given to the way people relate to others that usually involves the misuse of power, position, a relationship, threats, rumours and exclusion. It has been in existence since life began and has been perpetuated by the construction of society.

If we can be in positive relationships with people then bullying would find it difficult to have an existence.


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