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Cutting or self injury can indicate that somewhere a person hasn't found good ways of coping with overwhelming feelings or stress. They’re not sick or insane; they just have a limited reserve of positive ways to deal with feelings and emotions for various reasons. Positive coping skills can be learned at any point in life. People who are caught up with cutting can learn to use new and healthier coping strategies. At the time of cutting it may feel like this is a helpful way of dealing with feelings or issues.

If your friend or teenager is cutting that can be a scary discovery. Don’t panic!

Cutting may have control over a person and be able to get them thinking and acting in ways that are not helpful. Cutting can be eradicated with help. If we can change our thinking and ways of acting we can take control away from cutting and have a life with out cutting being present.

Talk with a counsellor. If you have a friend or teenager in the clutches of cutting talk with a counsellor and help be part of a team to eradicate cutting’s power.


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