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We can all experience feeling depressed. Sometimes we say we are "depressed" when we are feeling a bit miserable or sad. In most cases we will start feeling good about our situation or life and are no longer depressed.

Some people find that they cannot shake off the gloomy feelings - even when good things happen, they still feel down or sad. They may find it hard to get through the day or to be motivated to even get out of bed.

This can indicate the person is stuck at 10 and caught up with depression. This can happen when there is a build up or troubles, problems or difficulties and it can feel like they can not be solved or eradicated.

Sometimes people feel embarrassed about getting help for depression, and think they should just keep going until they feel better. In some cases, people might not even know they are caught up with depression and may need some help to find out ways of making themselves feel better. A doctor or counsellor will be able to help you. Ask a friend or someone from your family/whanau to go with you when you go to get help.


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