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Loneliness is being aware of not feeling connected to others. Loneliness is not necessarily being alone. We may be alone for long periods without feeling at all lonely. On the other hand we can feel our most lonely in a class with 30 other students or in the middle of a party. Loneliness is often a signal that some thing needs to change because some of your important needs are not being met.

There are many reasons why we experience loneliness:

• we're alone and feel it wasn't our choice

• we feel we're lacking the love

• we feel we have lost the comfortable environment we maybe had in the past - leaving home, after the break-up of parents relationships, break up of a personal relationship or friendship,

• we're experiencing changes in our life - a new school, town, class, job;

• we feel there's no one in our lives with whom we can share our feelings and experiences; 

Loneliness can get us thinking things that are not helpful like” there’s something wrong with me if I am lonely or I am the only person who feels like this”

This feeling of loneliness sends us a message!


Ideas to help make a change

• Get involved with shared activities you are genuinely interested in, such as a cultural group, hobby, sports team, drama group. Being with people who are focusing on an activity you all enjoy can quickly lead to new friends.

• A smile or a nod or saying hello to a classmate can help. 

• Get involved in class discussions. 

• Volunteer work is a good way to learn about yourself and others, and can help to have you feeling good.

• Eat properly, get regular exercise, and enough sleep. 

• When you are alone enjoy yourself. By learning to enjoy and value your own company, you'll find that others do too.