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No one person is an isolated person. We all connect with people at various moments of our lives and those connections are called relationships. It may be a 1 relationship (someone I smile to occasionally) or it may be a 10 relationship (someone I love very deeply).

Relationships are important and they are varied from friends, neighbours, class mates, parent/teenager, step parent/teenager, teacher/student and many more. These relationships need constant attention to make them work positively for us.

How we are in connection either connected or disconnected to the people around us often determines our level of satisfaction with our lives. Poor connection often leads to periods of miscommunication which may lead to arguing and anger which may result in changes in to the relationship.

There are three things we can change to improve a relationship they are:

1. How we think
2. How we act
3. How we communicate

If you believe or feel that a relationship that you are in requires help then talk to someone or a counsellor.