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Self Esteem

How you think about yourself is an important factor in experiencing life and being happy. Seeking pleasure and avoiding pain! Feeling good about yourself will give you a sense of being in control of your thinking, acting and communicating positively.

If you are feeling self-confident you can set realistic expectations for yourself, and you may be willing to take actions even at the risk of others' disapproval.

A positive attitude will help you on many occasions, such as, achieving academically, making friends, performing at a job, and trying out new situations.

Positive self esteem can be seen when people are

• Willing to learn new things

• Showing enthusiasm 

• Able to manage growth, development, and change 

• Having a sense of humour 

• Really listening to others 

• Can emphasize your strengths by giving yourself credit for trying 

• Approach situations as opportunities to learn, rather than as win-lose events 

• Self-evaluating to avoid dependence on others' opinions

When self esteem is challenged that can be because problems have managed to get us to think, act and communicate in ways that are not so helpful.

What is the message we are receiving?