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Principal's Comments

Dear Parents and Caregivers


We thank Jeremy (Here) Tuhi for the work he did with our Te Reo Maori classes. Here left us last week and will be actively looking to further his development as a teacher. We welcome Maruia Jensen to the school. Maruia will be with us until the end of Term 2. She will be taking the Te reo Maori classes and some Mathematics classes.


As winter starts to draw in, colder days often mean we get some slippage around uniform.  It is important that students stay warm and dry especially through the colder months.  The blue polo fleece should be adequate but if students choose to wear extra layers underneath their school shirts can you please make sure they are not visible.

We do understand that occasionally things go wrong and a child may temporarily be out of uniform. When this happens a note from home explaining what the problem is, and when it will be fixed by, needs to be provided. This will be greatly appreciated.

Our Year 10 students will travel to Okataina next week for their annual camp. They will take part in a range of activities including camping, mountain – biking, bush skills, and kayaking. Developing skills to cope with new environments and working together in new groups are important aspects of growing resiliency. Our partnership with the Perry Outdoor Education Trust provides us with the opportunity to take as many year 10’s as possible and is greatly valued.


Past Student Success:

Congratulations to the following students who have graduated from Waikato University between 01 January 2018 and 30th April 2018:-

Caleb Knight (2012) – Bachelor of Health, Sport and Human Performance

Grace Coffin (2014) – Bachelor of Science

Daniel Gooding (2014) – Bachelor of Arts

Lloyd Clarke (2016) – Certificate of University Preparation

Cameron Jackson (2016) – Certificate of University Preparation

Summeet Lal (2016) – Certificate of University Preparation

Coming Events


04 June

Queens Birthday


06 June

Police Course


06 June

WBOP Cross Country


08 June

Toi Ohomai Open Day


11 June

Yr 9 Pacific Health Fono

Wed - Fri

13-15 June

Mai Biz


18 June

Sth Waikato Careers Expo


20 June

WSS Ind. Girls Squash


21 June

WSS Ind Boys Squash


21-22 June

Gateway Safety Matters


22 June

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