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Dear Parents and Caregivers

I was wandering around the supermarket the other day in a fairly contemplative mood (why are fruit and vegetables so expensive and fizzy drinks so cheap?) and as I filled my trolley with the usual life sustaining produce it got me thinking about why NCEA is like a shopping trolley. Bear with me. If the trolley is the Record of Achievement and the stuff on the shelves all have credit value (let’s say one credit is one dollar) then for a lot of students  NCEA is simply to get $80 worth of goods in the trolley and once through the checkout the receipt  will show NCEA has been achieved.

Easy right? I know of some schools who share this idea and NCEA becomes a credit chase to get as much stuff in the trolley as quickly as possible.

But is that the best way to shop? Isn’t what we put in the trolley more important than how much we put in the trolley?

At Forest View we put a lot of emphasis on creating quality qualifications. Let’s face it, it’s no good filling your trolley with cat food if you don’t have a cat. I know it’s tempting because of the pressure that exists to achieve, but if our qualifications are to have any real meaning then credit chasing is a meaningless exercise.

NCEA is being reviewed around the country at the moment and there are a lot of good ideas being proffered that could make NCEA into a quality qualification for all. But that might not happen until 2020. Meanwhile we still have it in our power to create our own quality qualifications. Our senior students are currently selecting courses for next year.  At Forest View our pathways booklets are colour coded according to vocational pathways. Those pathways will align the student’s credits into something that is worthwhile.

So I do urge all students and their caregivers to think carefully about course selection for next year.  Make sure you end up with a trolley full of goods for a worthwhile feast and if that includes cat food, that’s all well and good but only if you have a cat! Happy shopping.


Lake Morning Teas

Over the two weeks 21st - 30th August, we held the Lake Morning Tea’s for our four Lakes, Arapuni, Maraetai, Ohakuri and Whakamaru.

It was a great pleasure for me to host over 120 students who had achieved well with their reports, attendance and participation in school events during 2018. 

We congratulate the following students who have been invited to attend the Lake Morning teas every year for the 5 years they have been with us.


Bethany Ehrhardt, Lauren Hoskins and Sarah Livingston


Anthony Foy, Christopher Foy and Monique Limmer

Ohakuri:  Jaimee Cameron

Whakamaru:  Aidan Blowes


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20 Sept

GDF Awards Night


26 Sept

Sports Prizegiving 7.00 pm


27 Sept

STARS Graduation


28 Sept

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15 Oct

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15- 19 Oct

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18 Oct

STARS Induction


19 Oct

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