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Principal's Comments

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Whanaungatanga, respectful, inclusive, cooperative and caring

  • Students are learning the new school song and this is sung at the end of each assembly.
  • The Head Students are using this Value as a theme for all the assemblies this term.

Striving for Personal Excellence and celebrating success.  (Personal excellence is about students continually challenging themselves to achieve. This may be in academic, sporting, performing arts and cultural activities)

  • Congratulations to the huge numbers of students attending the School Homework Club.
  • Goal-setting Conferences, March 20, 11am – 7pm. Teachers and students are meeting to set achievement goals for 2018. These goals will be shared with parents when they sit down with their child and the subject teacher at the conferences. Learning at Forest View is very focused on skill development so the conferences will be centred on how this will help students achieve their goals.
  • The School Achievement Targets are being placed in all classrooms and meeting places. This will remind each student of their goals for 2018.

School Athletics Champions and Placegetters
 Winning Lake: Ohakuri

Junior Boys:

                1st Evan Morgan

                2nd Denzel Glassie-Mindoro

                3rd Tiona Nooroa

Junior Girls:

                1st Charnay Mokaraka

                2nd Sequoia Kawhena

                3rd Lucy King

Intermediate Boys:

                1st Arran Shaw

                2nd= Jacob Drysdale

                2nd= Carl Guinabasan     

                2nd= Cain Morgan

Intermediate Girls:

                1st Twané Gerlach

                2nd Akaysa Follows

                3rd=Ashlei Shaw

                3rd= Te Amorangi Kingi

                3rd= Maddy Reti-Osborne

 Senior Boys:

                1st= Beckham Douglas-Thomas

                1st= Angel Ward

                3rd= Chris Foy

                3rd= Josh Robinson

                3rd= Marukauhau Howden-turnbull

Senior Girls:

                1st Isobella Jackson

                2nd Jaimee Cameron

                3rd Lauren Hoskins


Mid Islands Zone Athletics

This was to have been held yesterday but was postponed till March 15 due to the wet grounds.

Resilience (Students developing skills and strategies to help them navigate through the barriers and difficulties they may face in life)

  • The School Pastoral Group consisting of Mrs McGovern, the Deans and Mrs Hughes are planning a day when students and staff will work together to fully understand our School Values and develop strategies to make positive decisions about life at School.

Innovation, creativity and resourcefulness

  • Forest View is working with Smart Waikato in the Secondary School Employer Partnership (SSEP). All Year 9 students will work with employers who are Technology-based and all Year 10 students will work with employers who are Science-based. Finalising the employers taking part is underway. The first planning meeting between teachers and employers will occur next week. Students will learn about Technology and Science in real life situations by visiting these workplaces. Another aspect is the exposure of students to possible future pathways. In the schools that have been involved so far, this programme has lead to students being far more engaged in learning and achievement.

Key Competencies - capabilities for living and lifelong learning.  The Forest View Self-Manager can:

  • Take responsibility when setting goals for learning and achievement, and future pathways
  • Develop strategies to meet challenges


Staff Success:

Congratulations to Lionel Matenga who undertook further study during 2017 and graduates on Friday 16 March 2018.  Lionel completed his Masters Degree in Visual Arts


Past Student Success:

Congratulations to the following students who have graduated from Waikato University between 01 June 2017 and December 2017:-

Fiona Gibbons (1982) – Diploma in Social Sciences

Ashaan Wright (2002) – Graduate Diploma of Teaching – Early Childhood (Grad Dip T)

John Bright (2010) – Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology

Selena Craig (2010) – Bachelor of Arts

Richard Chitty (2012) – Certificate of University Preparation

Cheyanne Manu (2012) – Bachelor of Social Sciences

Jocelyn Paiti (2013) – Bachelor of Social Sciences

Sarah Young (2013) – Bachelor of Communication Studies

Selina Clarke (2013) – Bachelor of Management Studies with First Class Honours


Staff Carpark

It would be very much appreciated if parents/caregivers did not enter into the staff carpark before and after school to drop off or collect students, so as to avoid congestion for staff entering and leaving the school grounds. Students are encouraged to use the driveway and the walkway to enter and leave the school grounds, so that they are not in and around staff cars.  Your assistance with this would be very much appreciated.


Coming Events


11 Mar

WSS Touch Regionals


13 Mar

Waikato Tennis Champs


15 Mar

WSS Triathlon Individual


16 Mar

SIE Surfing Trip


18 Mar

WSS Touch Zones


19–24 Mar

Summer Tournament Week


19 Mar

Yr 12 Biology Field Trip


20 Mar

Goal Setting Conferences

11.00 am – 7.00 pm


20 Mar

BOT Meeting


21 Mar

Triathlon Tag Team


23 Mar

12OE Low Ropes


24 Mar

WBOP Track & Field Champs


29 Mar

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