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Principal's Comments

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Congratulations to Polinetia Fa’atasi:

Our students in this group represented themselves, Forest View, their parents and whanau, and their community with great honour at the Pasifika by Nature competition held last Saturday in Hamilton. Their performance and costumes were superb and represented many hours of hard work by tutors and students. Of particular note were the many nationalities in the group; this is an example of the inclusive way our students and staff work together. My thanks go to Aaron Mutua for his vision, hard work and organisation to produce this performance, thanks also to our Pasifika community for their support.

Stage Challenge:

Rehearsals are up and running for the 2017 Stage Challenge. A large number of students are working hard to develop another great performance.


It is good to see an increase in the number of students participating in sports this year and I am looking forward to watching the teams playing this Saturday. Best of luck to the teams.

Monitoring of senior student achievement:

Tutors, Deans and teachers are closely monitoring student achievement levels to ensure they are on track for gaining their qualifications. Those who may fall behind will be supported to keep on track. Students striving for Merit and Excellence grades will also be monitored. Please do not hesitate to contact your student’s Dean or a senior leader for updates.

Homework Club - Tuesday Nights 3.30 – 5.30 pm:

The Library and some surrounding classrooms are available for students of all levels to spend time with teachers completing or catching up on work, or wanting achieve higher grades. It is important to get in the habit of using this facility now rather than later when catching up becomes a huge issue.

Behaviour Plan:

It is important for parents to understand how Forest View deals with behaviours that go against our Values. While our focus is ensuring our learning activities engage students, a clear behaviour plan must sit alongside this. The plan will be placed on our website for easy access. Please contact a senior leader if you have any questions.

Key Competencies:

A key aspect of our Annual Plan is the development of future oriented learning (FOL) that is linked to personal excellence. Future oriented learning is developed through a set of 5 key competencies which are skills we want our students to develop as part of their preparation for lifelong learning. Each unit of work created by teachers has these competencies included and they are developed through specific strategies.  Personal excellence occurs when students strive to master the key competencies. A copy of these key competencies is included in this newsletter. Teachers and students will work together to ensure there is a common understanding.

NZ Farmers Livestock 

NZ Farmers Livestock operate a Bobby Calf collection in our area. As part of the service, during registration farmers are invited to nominate a local school or a “not-for-profit” organisation to which the company donates .35c per calf.  A big thank you goes out to our local farming community who already donate to Forest View through the NZ Farmers Livestock Bobby Calf scheme.   If you wish to know more about donating to Forest View through this scheme, please contact Heather Bennett on 07 889 1672 or email her on :- heather.bennett@nzfll.co.nz Community support is always very much appreciated.

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