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Dear Parents and Caregivers

Achievement Celebrations

On the Monday of last week our School celebrated NCEA achievement in an assembly. Thank you to those parents who were able to attend. All students gaining NCEA Levels 1 and 2 were recognised as well as those gaining certificate or course endorsements. Silver Medals were handed out to Kathleen Taylor, Dong Mei Lim, Navpreet Kaur and Madison Clarke for gaining their NCEA with Excellence for Levels 1 and 2. Lauren Hoskins and Monique Limmer gained Bronze for their Level 1 with Excellence. Keegan Hall gained a Bronze for achieving his first Excellence endorsement when he gained his Level 2. Paige McCloskey gained her first Excellence endorsement with when she gained her Level 3 and she was awarded Bronze.

 We are thrilled with our Level 1 and 2 results -

Level 1 95% compared with 85% for all schools

Level 2 94% compared with 89% for all schools

Our Level 3 results were disappointing with 68% gaining Level 3 compared with 82% nationally. While the numerical difference is not large we are aspiring to achieve higher. We feel that this year’s Year 13 students have laid an excellent achievement base so we are confident our School will be back on track to achieve higher than the national average.

While we were disappointed with our Level 3 results, 100% of our Year 13 leavers have transitioned into full time university or polytech courses, employment, armed forces or apprenticeships. I believe this is largely due to the level of support our students gain when developing their future pathways.

While tracking the 2015 students who left for university we discovered of the 30 students who enrolled, two students have changed their pathway and left to pursue other programmes, the others are flourishing.

Quality qualifications

At the Achievement Celebration I explained to the students and parents what the term ‘Quality Qualifications’ means for Forest View.

  1. All of the credits in each NCEA Level are clearly linked to student’s future pathways so they develop skills and knowledge that have a purpose
  2. We do not programme-in credits that ‘fill up’ the certificate with meaningless credits
  3. We know our assessment is valid due to the NZQA assessment feedback
  4. The ability and numbers of our students to transition into their future pathways.

Therefore, when comparing NCEA results from different schools the above factors need to be part of the bigger picture. I am confident we provide quality qualifications.

Year 9 classes

In order to ensure we have quality learning for our Year 9’s we have created an extra class. This will take the average class size down to about 22 students.


Up until Wednesday the weather had been very warm. The last 3 days are reminders that Autumn is on its way and that students need to be dressed adequately. All Year 9 to 12 students should have at least a jersey, cardigan or polar fleece as well as either a school jacket or plain black waterproof raincoat. Having a complete school uniform shows a willingness to accept our drive for personal excellence and commitment to our School. Having non-regulation clothing does not do this. We can provide some support for families. Warm and appropriate school uniform contributes to improved learning.

Mid Island Athletics

This was due to be held today but due to the state of the track at Rotorua Boys the event is postponed until Thursday 16 March. We are taking a large team and are looking forward to having a successful day.

Coming Events


14 March

Waikato Tennis Champs


16 March

Mid Islands Athletics


22 March

3000m Run

WSS Triathlon Tag Team


25 March

WBOP SS Track & Field Champs


28 March

Yr 9-13  Learning Conferences


07 April

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