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Student Support

Caring for our Students

Forest View High School has robust systems and processes to help students make good choices and enjoy a safe learning environment.

In addition to the support provided by deans and tutors through the Lakes system, students also have access to a wide range of counselling, advice and support - including a school nurse, a school doctor, counsellors, careers and future pathways advice. When necessary, we also refer young people to outside agencies

Students are able to book appointments to see any of our counselling or health staff; staff also refer students to these services; parents and caregivers are welcome to call and speak with our pastoral staff.

Advice and guidance on future pathways and possible subject and career choices, occur in timetabled periods and young people are also encouraged to access Mrs McGovern, the Careers Adviser, at any time.

Mentor periods are also scheduled to enable deans and tutors to ensure young people are ‘on track’ to achieving their goals in learning, qualifications and preparation for their future.


All counselling or health consultations are confidential; student consent is required before matters will be discussed with anyone else – however, staff encourage young people to speak with whanau if appropriate.

Where a young person’s safety or well-being is of concern, referrals may be made to external agencies such as Police or CYF – depending on the situation, these agencies will assume responsibility for contact with whanau.

Contact Details:

Please call the school office – 07 8865219 - if you wish to speak with your child’s tutor, or another staff member; the office staff will put you in contact with the right person.

Ms Sally Cribb, our Student Services Officer, will help make appointments for our counsellors or health team.

School Counsellor            Mrs Gaylene Hughes                        ghughes@forestviewhigh.school.nz

Arapuni Dean                    Ms Rachel Toy                                   rtoy@forestviewhigh.school.nz

Maraetai Dean                  Mrs Angela Toy                                 atoy@forestviewhigh.school.nz

Ohakuri Dean                    Mrs Raylene Sommerville               rsommerville@forestviewhigh.school.nz

Whakamaru Dean            Mr Aaron Mutua                               amutua@forestviewhigh.school.nz

Deputy Principal (Pastoral)          Mrs Trish Priscott                 tpriscott@forestviewhigh.school.nz

Behaviour Plan

Students are expected to adhere to the School Values. Our Behaviour Plan sets out the behaviour that is acceptable and expected from members of our school community.  Students must treat each other, the staff, the property of others, and school property, with respect.


We define bullying as ‘any unwelcome behaviour which makes a young person feel unsafe’.

Bullying is not tolerated and staff work hard to address it, using effective strategies to deal with conflict.

Sometimes the bullying is subtle and staff may be unaware that it is occurring. It is vital therefore that young people and /or their parents let us know if a student is being subjected to behaviour that makes a student feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

Accessing Information

Parents and students have on-line access to achievement and attendance data, timetables and school notices from our student management system, via the Student and Parent portals.

Transition to School

The Lakes system is the pivot of our pastoral care.

On enrolment at FVHS, students are placed into one of four ‘Lakes’ – Arapuni (blue), Maraetai (red), Ohakuri (green), Whakamaru (gold). Within each lake, students are divided into mixed-level tutor groups.

Each lake is led by a dean, tutors and three student lake leaders.

STAR at Forest View High School

The STAR programme is a peer mentoring programme run in schools, with the support of the Foundation for Youth Development. At Forest View High School we also work closely with the Brian Perry Outdoor Education Trust, for our Year 9, 10 and 13 camps.

Forest View High School joined the STAR programme to extend the Year 9 support system and senior leadership opportunities. STAR supports the transition of Year 9 students into Forest View ; to ensure they become part of our learning community

This programme includes

  • Training for Peer leadership roles
  • A free camp in February for Year 9 students and leaders
  • A Community Service element
  • A Community Challenge
  • On-going mentoring and support

Other EOTC camps exist for Years 10, 12 and 13.

These help students to develop their interpersonal skills and relationships, explore opportunities and overcome fears and challenges. The Year 12 and 13 camps place particular emphasis on goal-setting and future pathways.