R Sommerville

M Bannister - OBa
B Dowdle - ODo
D Garmonsway - OGa
T Walker - OWk


S English
A Deihl
S Luxford
K Haines
L Stowers
D Collins

Jaimee Cameron
Michelle Waerea
Jacob Drysdale
Xanthe Pita
for it, everyone participating and achieving personal excellence.

Working together to ensure that each student within Ohakuri maximises every opportunity and strives to achieve personal excellence in all they do whilst at Forest View.

At the end of each term Ohakuri gives RAP Awards and if a student achieved one each term they will get an extra award at the end of the year.

We endeavour to have each student treat others with the respect they would wish in return.

Ohakuri students get involved within their classes and extra-curricular activities. Year 9 and 10 students work to achieve Merit Awards from Tutor through to the top award – the Mayors Award. Each student has a Merit book which teachers sign weekly provided each student has met the expected requirements.


23 students gained Ohakuri certificates for participating in the maximum 4 athletics day events

Merit Awards – These students have done very well so far this year:

Principal’s with Distinction Award -  Shema Poleka  
Principal’s Minette Cabbigat; Shelby Finlay; Sharneica Finlay; Deklin Taumata; Michael Rameka-Jacobs and Maddison Sneddon


Shared winners of the Interlake Trophy in 2016. This was our 9th win since Lakes were introduced and it was great after three years of being runner up.
Well done to our 6 students who achieved the Mayor’s Award - the highest Merit Award: Violet Atkins; Minette Cabbigat; Kirsty Parker;
Michael Rameka-Jacobs; Deklin Taumata and Grace Waldon
41% of our students achieved the Ohakuri RAP Award
43% Excellent Attendance Awards for 2016 (96% +) with Maru Howden-Turnbull gaining 100%