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Whakamaru Lake


Lake Dean: Mr A. Mutua 

Tutor Teachers: WES - Mrs J. Earnshaw 
                           WME - Mr S. Menon 
                           WTM - Ms M. Tatham 
                           WUM - Ms S. Umaki 

Support Staff: Ms S. Cribb, Mrs C. Stokes, Mrs T. Potoru, Mr T. Potoru, Mrs L. John, Mrs L. Taylor, Mrs M. Nooroa.

Head Boy: Umatetiki Takave - WUM 

Senior Lake Leaders: Patricia Steiner and Sven Aranui 
Junior Lake Leaders: Lalelei Okeroa-Stowers and Wairangi Te Hiko 

At the end of Term 1 we said farewell to Yr 12 leader, Sven Aranui who has moved to Te Aroha. We thank Sven for his positive contribution to the work of our Lake. 

It gives me great pleasure to introduce our new Senior Lake Leader, who will join Patricia, Wairangi and Lalelei, Year 13 student, Bayleigh Diaz. 

TERM 1 - 2017  

Term 1 was very busy with Year 9 and 13 camps getting the year into swing! 
Athletics Day was amazing and we are so proud of our young people who fought long and hard to come off awarded 2nd Place for Athletics 2017. We were stoked by this achievement! 

Our Inter-Tutor competition has been running successfully with each of our tutors competing every Thursday afternoon in either non-stop cricket, general knowledge, connect four or last card. 
Here are the Tutor points as of the end of Term 1: 

4th Place; WME - 31 points 
3rd Place: WES - 48 points 
2nd Place: WUM - 95 points 
1st Place: WTM - 100 points 

In Term 2, our Tutor classes will challenge each other in a game of Multi sports. Will WTm retain their first place standing.....wait and see. 
2017 Whakamaru Lake Leaders
The Golden Lake - Whakamaru! 

Whakamaru - The Golden Lake

posted 17 Feb 2016, 13:25 by Teresa Walker   [ updated 16 May 2017, 19:43 ]

Kia, Orana! 
Welcome to our Lake Page! 
Stay tuned as we update you with what has been happening in our Lake this year. 

Introducing the Whakamaru Team 2016 - 

Seniors Lake Leaders - Camryn Nicholas and Uma Takave 
Junior Lake Leader -  Lana Korsten 

Tutor teachers and Support Staff: 
WEs - Mrs Earnshaw
WMd - Mr McDonald 
WTm - Ms Tatham 
WUm - Ms Umaki 

Cr - Sally Cribb - Student Services Manager 
Tl - Mrs Taylor - School Cashier 
St - Mrs Stokes - Teacher of Mathematics/Science/DIT
Na - Ms Natua - Teacher of Performing Arts
Be - Mrs Bennion - Sports Co-ordinator 
No - Maine Nooroa - FYD Mentoring co-ordinator 
Pt - Mrs Potoru - Teachers Aid 
Po - Mr Potoru - Groundsman 

Dean - Mr Mutua 

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